A Developmental Pathway for Achieving Promise Neighborhoods Results

This important tool was developed to help Promise Neighborhood communities and the field at large better understand the external conditions and developmental milestones that are needed to build the cradle to career continuum and to achieve the goals/outcomes set forth in Promise Neighborhoods. The tool illustrates the developmental pathways necessary to achieve the Promise Neighborhoods vision.

Capacity-Building Toolkit Manual: Planning Back-Office Supports for Growing Promise Neighborhoods

This tool has been specifically designed for organizations in Promise Neighborhoods to help them craft realistic visions and budgets for the back-office needs of managing their work. Given the variety in how Promise Neighborhoods are structured organizationally, this back-office capacity may be distributed among several partners or centralized in a lead agency. As such, this tool provides guidance that each Promise Neighborhood can adapt to fit their model.

Technical Assistance Self-Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool contains several categories and, within each category, a set of statements your community can use to assess your current plan and capacity for developing a strong Promise Neighborhood implementation plan. The results of this assessment will assist you in identifying your strengths, parts of the planning process that will be particularly challenging, and where you most need technical assistance to complete your plan.