Parent and Community Engagement

Promise Neighborhoods as a Platform for Advancing Racial Equity

Leaders of Promise Neighborhoods and similar place-based initiatives must work to address racial disparities if they are to improve and sustain positive and equitable outcomes for children and young people on a large scale. This brief argues that Promise Neighborhoods, and similarly structured initiatives, are uniquely positioned to serve as a platform—or launching point—for advancing racial equity.

Using Collective Impact to Drive Greater Postsecondary and Career Success

Promise Neighborhoods is a cradle-to-career initiative dedicated to building supports that can help ensure educational and career success for all neighborhood youth. One of the program’s goals is to make sure high school graduates obtain a postsecondary degree, certificate, or credential. This brief offers five collective impact strategies for Promise Neighborhood grantees to drive greater postsecondary results.

Astoria Houses Neighborhood Survey for Zone 126 Promise Neighborhood, 2012

Zone 126 is a nonprofit neighborhood organization in Queens, New York City that was awarded a Promise Neighborhood planning grant from the US Department of Education in 2011. The Urban Institute developed a neighborhood survey for residents of Astoria Houses, a public housing development in the Zone 126 neighborhood, to support Zone 126's needs assessment and planning process. Zone 126 used results from the survey to inform the initiatives family and child-centered programming.

Practical Strategies for Successfully Implementing Neighborhood and School Climate Surveys in Promise Neighborhoods

This document builds on earlier guidance—basic information on preparing and administering surveys in chapter 7 of the Measuring Performance: A Guidance Document for Promise Neighborhoods on Collecting Data and Reporting Results (referred to here as the Guidance Document)—as well as specific lessons learned from the experiences of Promise Neighborhood implementation grantees to provide practical guidance on how to prepare and manage high quality neighborhood and school surveys.