Results by Term: Parent and Community Engagement

COVID-19 Response and Recovery in Promise Neighborhoods 2020-2022

Author: Jillian Spindle and Lori Nathanson | Year of Publication: 2023

A Promise Neighborhood is a place-based, collective impact approach to improving results for children and families. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Promise Neighborhoods were uniquely positioned to provide on-the-ground community response. They were partners to government, philanthropies, businesses, and community institutions in reaching students, parents, and neighbors with essential emergency services and vital information. This paper explores Promise Neighborhoods’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic and demonstrates that investing in Promise Neighborhoods produces more than academic results; it ensures critical community infrastructure is available during times of crisis.

Promise Neighborhoods as a Platform for Advancing Racial Equity

Author: Anand Sharma | Year of Publication: 2021

Leaders of Promise Neighborhoods and similar place-based initiatives must work to address racial disparities if they are to improve and sustain positive and equitable outcomes for children and young people on a large scale. This brief argues that Promise Neighborhoods, and similarly structured initiatives, are uniquely positioned to serve as a platform—or launching point—for advancing racial equity. 

Using Collective Impact to Drive Greater Postsecondary and Career Success

Author: Dan Duncan | Year of Publication: 2021

Promise Neighborhoods is a cradle-to-career initiative dedicated to building supports that can help ensure educational and career success for all neighborhood youth. One of the program’s goals is to make sure high school graduates obtain a postsecondary degree, certificate, or credential. This brief offers five collective impact strategies for Promise Neighborhood grantees to drive greater postsecondary results.

Creating Lasting Change Through Community Leadership

Author: Katrina Ballard, Sara McTarnaghan, and Brittany Murray | Year of Publication: 2020

This digital feature discusses how Promise Neighborhoods are working with residents to weather crises and transform communities.

Sharing Results: A Guide for Communicating Promise Neighborhoods Outcomes to Diverse Audiences

Author: AEM Corp. | Year of Publication: 2019

This guide is designed for project teams working on place-based initiatives as a resource for establishing a communications strategy and developing compelling stories about their work. It offers a useful framework for stakeholder engagement and an application of this framework to the Promise Neighborhoods context. The guide also includes a resource list with tools and references that readers can access to support the actions recommended throughout the guide.

Learn About Your Neighborhood: Uncover the Strengths and Challenges

Author: The Center for the Study of Social Policy | Year of Publication: 2018

This tool provides information to help individuals find the right people to include on neighborhood leadership teams and begin outreach in their communities.

A New Day for Data: For Families Forced Out, a Reason to Return - San Francisco, CA

Author: Alexandra Tilsley, Lydia Thompson | Year of Publication: 2016

This data story features the San Francisco Promise Neighborhood’s use of data to meet the needs of residents from the gentrifying Mission District even as many are displaced from the neighborhood.

A New Day for Data: Bringing Change to a Forgotten Community - Washington, DC

Author: Serena Lei, Lydia Thompson | Year of Publication: 2016

This data story focuses on the Washington, DC, Promise Neighborhood’s use of data to lift an isolated and forgotten community out of poverty.

A New Day for Data: Passport to Prosperity - Indianola, MS

Author: Matthew Johnson | Year of Publication: 2016

This data story features the Indianola Promise Neighborhood’s use of data to transform lives by aiming to close the disparity of opportunities for children in rural Mississippi.

Leveraging Policy Advocacy to Keep Students Healthy (GPRAs 8–9)

Author: Promise Neighborhoods Institute | Year of Publication: 2016

The capacity to leverage policy advocacy and systems change is critical to scaling up and sustaining efforts to ensure youth living in Promise Neighborhoods are healthy and connected to the necessary services and supports to prepare them for college and career success.