Results by Term: Health and Wellbeing

COVID-19 Response and Recovery in Promise Neighborhoods 2020-2022

Author: Jillian Spindle and Lori Nathanson | Year of Publication: 2023

A Promise Neighborhood is a place-based, collective impact approach to improving results for children and families. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Promise Neighborhoods were uniquely positioned to provide on-the-ground community response. They were partners to government, philanthropies, businesses, and community institutions in reaching students, parents, and neighbors with essential emergency services and vital information. This paper explores Promise Neighborhoods’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic and demonstrates that investing in Promise Neighborhoods produces more than academic results; it ensures critical community infrastructure is available during times of crisis.

A New Day for Data: Bringing Change to a Forgotten Community - Washington, DC

Author: Serena Lei, Lydia Thompson | Year of Publication: 2016

This data story focuses on the Washington, DC, Promise Neighborhood’s use of data to lift an isolated and forgotten community out of poverty.

Leveraging Policy Advocacy to Keep Students Healthy (GPRAs 8–9)

Author: Promise Neighborhoods Institute | Year of Publication: 2016

The capacity to leverage policy advocacy and systems change is critical to scaling up and sustaining efforts to ensure youth living in Promise Neighborhoods are healthy and connected to the necessary services and supports to prepare them for college and career success.

Addressing the Impact of Trauma on Academic Performance and School Attendance

Author: PolicyLink | Year of Publication: 2016

Exposure to a traumatic event places a young person at risk of a lower reading proficiency, a lower grade -point average, and more days of school absences. Throughout their lifetimes, many young students living in underserved communities will experience one or more traumatic events, putting them at risk of chronic absenteeism and lower academic proficiency. 

Using Data to Make a Difference for Boston-Area Students At Risk of Homelessness

Author: Mary Bogle, Katya Abazajian | Year of Publication: 2016

This Urban Wire blog post details how a Boston- area Promise Initiative used data to promote academic success and to fight homelessness.

Early Learning in Promise Neighborhoods

Author: The Center for the Study of Social Policy | Year of Publication: 2016

Many Promise Neighborhoods grantees are well into the implementation phase and adopting different approaches to achieve the common result that all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed. In 2012, the Center for the Study of Social Policy authored a report with snapshots of the early learning work taking shape in the first cohort of Promise Neighborhoods grantees.

Using Data to Make a Difference for Boston-Area Students at Risk of Homelessness

Author: Urban Institute | Year of Publication: 2016

This blog entry is a grantee spotlight on how a Boston-area Promise Initiative uses data to promote academic success and fight homelessness.

Preparing and Fielding High-Quality Surveys: Practical Strategies for Successfully Implementing Neighborhood and School Climate Surveys in Promise Neighborhoods

Author: Kaitlin Franks Hildner, Elizabeth Oo, Peter A. Tatian | Year of Publication: 2015

This document builds on earlier guidance on preparing and administering surveys in chapter 7 of Measuring Performance: A Guidance Document for Promise Neighborhoods on Collecting Data and Reporting Results. The document also expands on lessons learned from the experiences of Promise Neighborhoods implementation grantees to provide practical guidance on how to prepare and manage high-quality neighborhood and school surveys. 

Supporting Place-Based Initiatives: Data-Driven Promise in the District of Columbia

Author: Leah Hendey, G. Thomas Kingsley | Year of Publication: 2015

NeighborhoodInfo DC supports the DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI) and is a partner in the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, a peer-learning network operated by the Urban Institute. To inform its planning efforts, DCPNI used the data NeighborhoodInfo DC staff had compiled and analyzed. NeighborhoodInfo DC participated in working groups and shared data on crime, education, and early childhood that highlighted important issues and drove the formation of program strategies.

Building the Capacity of Educators and Service Providers to Support Black Male Achievement

Author: PolicyLink | Year of Publication: 2014

This webinar, hosted by the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink, discusses professional development programs being implemented in Promise Neighborhoods to effectively promote the academic achievement of children of color with low incomes, with a focus on Black boys and young men.