Results by Term: Early Childhood Education

Building the Cradle in a Cradle-to-Career Initiative: Three Opportunities for Promise Neighborhoods to Promote Kindergarten Readiness

Author: Megan Gallagher and Shubhangi Kumari | Year of Publication: 2022

Early care and education (ECE) programs are crucial for positive educational and developmental outcomes of children. This brief provides a framework to support Promise Neighborhoods’ ECE work, specifically preparing young children for school in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Evaluating Programs and Impact within Promise Neighborhoods

Author: Peter A. Tatian, Benny Docter | Year of Publication: 2020

Place-based education and community change interventions such as Promise Neighborhoods face distinct challenges designing and executing high-quality evaluations. Because these efforts attempt to create population-level change by using a comprehensive continuum of cradle-to-career programming, experimental evaluation methods may be impractical or inappropriate. Nevertheless, planning, formative, and quasi-experimental methods can be used to conduct rigorous and instructive evaluations of Promise Neighborhoods.

Advancing Results Through Case Managers

Author: Mica O'Brien and Sarah Gillespie | Year of Publication: 2020

Case managers are a central component of Promise Neighborhoods, a grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Education that provides cradle-to-career services and supports to young people and families with low incomes. This brief explores the role of case managers, who coordinate delivery of services and interventions to some students and families, among Promise Neighborhoods, highlighting cross-cutting practices, and trends across 12 current grantees and 1 former grantee.

Maintaining and Expanding the Pipeline: Guidance, Strategies, and Reflections on Sustaining a Promise Neighborhood

Author: The Center for the Study of Social Policy | Year of Publication: 2017

This brief provides a framework and guiding questions to support Promise Neighborhoods in preparing for sustainability, with the approach that sustainability should be incorporated into overall strategy development.

A New Day for Data: Passport to Prosperity - Indianola, MS

Author: Matthew Johnson | Year of Publication: 2016

This data story features the Indianola Promise Neighborhood’s use of data to transform lives by aiming to close the disparity of opportunities for children in rural Mississippi.

Early Learning in Promise Neighborhoods

Author: The Center for the Study of Social Policy | Year of Publication: 2016

Many Promise Neighborhoods grantees are well into the implementation phase and adopting different approaches to achieve the common result that all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed. In 2012, the Center for the Study of Social Policy authored a report with snapshots of the early learning work taking shape in the first cohort of Promise Neighborhoods grantees.

Making Good on a Promise: Working to End Intergenerational Poverty in Kenilworth-Parkside

Author: Megan Gallagher, Brittany Murray, Maia Woluchem, Susan J. Popkin | Year of Publication: 2015

The DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI) is on a mission to end the cycle of intergenerational poverty in Kenilworth-Parkside, a geographically isolated community in Northeast Washington, DC. By partnering with local organizations to provide targeted, data-driven interventions to youth and parents, DCPNI is working to improve educational, economic, health, and socio-emotional outcomes within a community plagued by the effects of concentrated poverty.

Continually Improving Promise Neighborhoods: The Role of Case Management Data

Author: Mary Bogle, Sarah Gillespie, Christopher Hayes | Year of Publication: 2015

This report summarizes how to review case management data in the context of a Promise Neighborhood’s strategy, particularly its theory of change and results framework. Although written based on experience gained working with Promise Neighborhoods, the guidance can be adapted to similar place-based and comprehensive change efforts.

Promoting Academic Proficiency in Promise Neighborhoods

Author: PolicyLink | Year of Publication: 2015

<p> Academic achievement is vital to children's educational attainment and economic well-being. The Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink hosted this webinar to discuss best practices and approaches to improve academic proficiency rates in Promise Neighborhoods communities (Government Performance and Results Act indicator 4 per previous 2013 guidance). The webinar features the following experts:</p><ul><li>Sherry Taubert, Project Director, Berea Promise Neighborhood</li><li>Christina Theokas, Ph.D., Director of Research, Education Trust</li></ul>

School Readiness and Promise Neighborhoods

Author: First 5 LA | Year of Publication: 2015

This presentation explores school readiness research and the best practices and trends affecting school readiness. It also introduces First 5 LA's Early Childhood Education strategy.