Results by Term: Collecting, Analyzing, and Using Data

Expanding Data Use to Support More Effective Post-High School Transitions: Measuring Postsecondary Success in Promise Neighborhoods

Author: Sonia Torres Rodríguez and Elizabeth Burton | Year of Publication: 2022

This brief focuses on Promise Neighborhood grantees that collect and report data on high school graduates who obtain a postsecondary degree, certification, or credential. It also explores strategies to assess the employment outcomes of youth in Promise Neighborhoods. The brief includes guidance and best practices on expanding data use and capacity for Promise Neighborhood grantees and peers to improve their measurement of postsecondary engagement and success.

Evaluating Programs and Impact within Promise Neighborhoods

Author: Peter A. Tatian, Benny Docter | Year of Publication: 2020

Place-based education and community change interventions such as Promise Neighborhoods face distinct challenges designing and executing high-quality evaluations. Because these efforts attempt to create population-level change by using a comprehensive continuum of cradle-to-career programming, experimental evaluation methods may be impractical or inappropriate. Nevertheless, planning, formative, and quasi-experimental methods can be used to conduct rigorous and instructive evaluations of Promise Neighborhoods.

Introduction to Data Quality: A Guide for Promise Neighborhoods on Collecting Reliable Information to Drive Programming and Measure Results

Author: Peter Tatian with Benny Docter and Macy Rainer | Year of Publication: 2020

This brief provides a basic overview of data quality management principles and practices that Promise Neighborhoods and other community-based initiatives can apply to their work. It also presents examples of data quality practices Promise Neighborhoods have implemented. The target audiences are people who collect and manage data within their Promise Neighborhood (whether directly or through partner organizations) and people who need to use those data to make decisions, such as program staff and leadership.

Advancing Results Through Leadership Development: Reflections on Technical Assistance for the Promise Neighborhoods Program

Author: Anand Sharma | Year of Publication: 2020

Over the past decade, communities nationwide have used federal Promise Neighborhoods grants to develop cradle-to-career solutions, or “pipelines,” to produce better results for children and youth. Although their communities, populations, and circumstances are unique, Promise Neighborhoods grantees share a common approach (being driven by data and evidence and fostering deep collaboration) and a common aspiration (to achieve population-level changes in a set of results from early childhood to young adulthood).

An Equity Toolkit for Promise Neighborhoods: Advancing Equitable Outcomes through the Performance Management Cycle

Author: Rachel Goins, Tiffany Boyd, Monica Young, Mary Bogle, Sarah Gillespie | Year of Publication: 2019

This brief describes how Promise Neighborhoods can apply an equity lens to address disparate outcomes as a path to achieving better results for all children and families. Promise Neighborhoods is a federal initiative that aims to improve the educational and developmental outcomes of children and families in diverse communities, including urban neighborhoods, rural areas, and Tribal lands.

Building out an Effective Case Management System

Author: PolicyLink | Year of Publication: 2016

A robust case management system is critical to tracking progress and improving outcomes for children and their families along the cradle-to-career continuum.

A New Day for Data: For Families Forced Out, a Reason to Return - San Francisco, CA

Author: Alexandra Tilsley, Lydia Thompson | Year of Publication: 2016

This data story features the San Francisco Promise Neighborhood’s use of data to meet the needs of residents from the gentrifying Mission District even as many are displaced from the neighborhood.

A New Day for Data: Bringing Change to a Forgotten Community - Washington, DC

Author: Serena Lei, Lydia Thompson | Year of Publication: 2016

This data story focuses on the Washington, DC, Promise Neighborhood’s use of data to lift an isolated and forgotten community out of poverty.

A New Day for Data: Passport to Prosperity - Indianola, MS

Author: Matthew Johnson | Year of Publication: 2016

This data story features the Indianola Promise Neighborhood’s use of data to transform lives by aiming to close the disparity of opportunities for children in rural Mississippi.

Long-term Change Takes Real-time Data

Author: Sarah Gillespie, Mary Bogle | Year of Publication: 2016

This blog post emphasizes the need for collecting data to successfully implement place-based initiatives, like Promise Neighborhoods. It includes a video guide to improving a comprehensive community change initiative.