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Resources are ordered by the date they were added with the most recent additions first. The U.S. Department of Education, Promise Neighborhoods sites, and key technical assistance partners have produced written guidance, videos, webinars, and hands-on tools on how to launch and manage a successful cradle-to-career pipeline of services and supports for early learners, students, and families in economically distressed communities.

Measuring Performance: A Guidance Document for Promise Neighborhoods on Collecting Data and Reporting Results

This guidance document recommends data collection strategies and data system structures to ensure Promise Neighborhoods can manage and produce measurable results. It provides examples of how to collect and measure data connected to each of the 15 Promise Neighborhood GPRA indicators.

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How to Evaluate Choice and Promise Neighborhoods

This brief provides a framework for designing evaluations for ED's Promise Neighborhoods and HUD's Choice Neighborhoods. The brief includes information on selecting key research questions, explores different research approaches, and recommends components an effective evaluation strategy.

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Beyond Lessons in the Field: Planning for Growth and Sustainability of Promise Neighborhoods - Keys to Success

This fact sheet provides resources and tips from the field about keys to success for growth and sustainability in PNs.

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Continually Improving Promise Neighborhoods: The Role of Case Management Data

This report provides information on performance measurement with a focus on reviewing case manadement data. It draws on an examples of the Harlem Children's Zone and the Northside Achievement Zone to show how case management data can be used.

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Making Good on a Promise: Working to End Intergenerational Poverty in Kenilworth-Parkside

This report profiles the DC Promise Neighborhood (DCPNI) in Kenilworth-Parkside community. The report describes the community and education context, DCPNI and partner efforts and initiatives, and promising signs that progress is being made to improve the life chances of residents in Kenilworth-...

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GPRA 2 Assessment Tools Resource Summary

This resource summarizes recent literature on the available assessment tools used for measuring age-appropriate functioning of 3-year-old and Kindergarten children who participate in the Promise Neighborhood's early childhood programs and target schools for Government Performance and Results Act (...

Building Capacity for Better Results: Strategies for Financing and Sustaining the Organizational Capacity of Youth-Serving Programs

This strategy brief discusses the importance of building organizational capacity and identifies four key approaches that can help do so: building accurate overhead rates into contracts and grants, accessing funding to directly support capacity building, accessing technical assistance, and forming...

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