The Promise Neighborhoods Training and Technical Assistance team, the U.S. Department of Education, Promise Neighborhoods grantees, and key technical assistance partners have produced written guidance, tools, and videos about how to launch and manage a successful cradle-to-career pipeline of solutions and strategies for early learners, students, and families in economically distressed communities. Resources appear in the order they were added with the most recent additions first.

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Cradle to Career

Find resources related to the four pipeline areas: Early Childhood, Kindergarten to Grade 12, College and Career, and Family and Community Supports

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Sustaining a Promise Neighborhood

Learn about sustaining Promise Neighborhoods from grantees and others with expert guidance and reflections.

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Promoting Sustainability for Promise Neighborhood Grantees: Understanding Needs and Strategies

Author: Sharon Deich, Heather Padgette, and Meghan Neary | Year of Publication: 2020

This brief summarizes findings and recommendations from a needs assessment undertaken to help Promise Neighborhoods grantees and their technical assistance partners understand how the sites are approaching sustainability. The brief also reviews the financial landscape of Promise Neighborhoods grantees.

Program Delivery/Partners

Advancing Results Through Case Managers

Author: Mica O'Brien and Sarah Gillespie | Year of Publication: 2020

Case managers are a central component of Promise Neighborhoods, a grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Education that provides cradle-to-career services and supports to young people and families with low incomes. This brief explores the role of case managers, who coordinate delivery of services and interventions to some students and families, among Promise Neighborhoods, highlighting cross-cutting practices, and trends across 12 current grantees and 1 former grantee.

Early Childhood Education Family Supports Program Delivery/Partners

Creating Lasting Change Through Community Leadership

Author: Katrina Ballard, Sara McTarnaghan, and Brittany Murray | Year of Publication: 2020

This digital feature discusses how Promise Neighborhoods are working with residents to weather crises and transform communities.

Community Engagement Parent and Community Engagement

Advancing Results Through Leadership Development: Reflections on Technical Assistance for the Promise Neighborhoods Program

Author: Anand Sharma | Year of Publication: 2020

Over the past decade, communities nationwide have used federal Promise Neighborhoods grants to develop cradle-to-career solutions, or “pipelines,” to produce better results for children and youth. Although their communities, populations, and circumstances are unique, Promise Neighborhoods grantees share a common approach (being driven by data and evidence and fostering deep collaboration) and a common aspiration (to achieve population-level changes in a set of results from early childhood to young adulthood).

Collecting, Analyzing, and Using Data

Youth Engagement in Collective Impact Initiatives

Author: Jessica Shakesprere, Mica O'Brien, and Eona Harrison | Year of Publication: 2020

Youth engagement is the meaningful and sustained involvement of young people in efforts to create positive social change. This approach requires youth-serving organizations to rebalance traditional power dynamics between adults and young people, enabling youth to take on decision-making responsibilities. Collective impact initiatives such as Promise Neighborhoods are well -positioned to meaningfully incorporate youth input and leadership in program design, implementation, and evaluation.

Community Engagement

Sharing Results: A Guide for Communicating Promise Neighborhoods Outcomes to Diverse Audiences

Author: AEM Corp. | Year of Publication: 2019

This guide is designed for project teams working on place-based initiatives as a resource for establishing a communications strategy and developing compelling stories about their work. It offers a useful framework for stakeholder engagement and an application of this framework to the Promise Neighborhoods context. The guide also includes a resource list with tools and references that readers can access to support the actions recommended throughout the guide.

Community Engagement Parent and Community Engagement

An Equity Toolkit for Promise Neighborhoods: Advancing Equitable Outcomes through the Performance Management Cycle

Author: Rachel Goins, Tiffany Boyd, Monica Young, Mary Bogle, Sarah Gillespie | Year of Publication: 2019

This brief describes how Promise Neighborhoods can apply an equity lens to address disparate outcomes as a path to achieving better results for all children and families. Promise Neighborhoods is a federal initiative that aims to improve the educational and developmental outcomes of children and families in diverse communities, including urban neighborhoods, rural areas, and Tribal lands.

Collecting, Analyzing, and Using Data

Measuring Performance: A Guidance Document for Promise Neighborhoods on Collecting Data and Reporting Results: FY 2017/2018 Edition

Author: Jennifer Comey, Peter A. Tatian, Lesley Freiman, Mary K. Winkler, Christopher R. Hayes, and Kaitlin Franks | Year of Publication: 2019

Promise Neighborhoods is a place-based initiative intended to turn neighborhoods of concentrated poverty into neighborhoods of opportunity. The model does this by providing high-quality schools along with a continuum of services spanning from early childhood through college and enhancing family and community supports. The Promise Neighborhoods initiative model has a strong commitment to results-based planning and improvement using real-time data. This guidance document recommends data collection strategies and data system structures to ensure Promise Neighborhoods can manage and produce measurable results. While this guidance document is written specifically for Promise Neighborhoods, these recommendations can be applied to other place-based initiatives. This version of the document was updated to address changes in the Promise Neighborhoods performance indicators for fiscal year 2018 grantees.

Learn About Your Neighborhood: Uncover the Strengths and Challenges

Author: The Center for the Study of Social Policy | Year of Publication: 2018

This tool provides information to help individuals find the right people to include on neighborhood leadership teams and begin outreach in their communities.

Community Engagement Data Collection Family Supports Parent and Community Engagement

Maintaining and Expanding the Pipeline: Guidance, Strategies, and Reflections on Sustaining a Promise Neighborhood

Author: The Center for the Study of Social Policy | Year of Publication: 2017

This brief provides a framework and guiding questions to support Promise Neighborhoods in preparing for sustainability, with the approach that sustainability should be incorporated into overall strategy development.

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