Promise Neighborhood Target Setting Guidance

Promise Neighborhood implementation grantees are required to set and submit baselines, actual performance data, and targets for each GPRA indicator and for all five years of the grant program. While grantees were required to address targets in their applications, these targets were set before the Guidance Document was released and before complete baseline data was available at each site. This continuing guidance identifies several data sources, considerations, and methods sites may consider when setting targets. While targets are required for each GPRA indicator in each of years 2–5 of the program, the Department of Education acknowledges that target setting will be an iterative process throughout implementation. It expects that sites will analyze and review the established targets each year as more performance data becomes available. The Urban Institute is working with the department to provide this guidance on target setting as well as technical assistance to grantees as they finalize baselines and targets. The submission of final baselines and targets is the first part of the Promise Neighborhood Data Plan required of all implementation grantees.

Sarah Gillespie Ellis and Peter Tatian
Year of Publication