Focusing on Results in Promise Neighborhoods: Recommendations for the Federal Initiative

This is a discussion paper jointly authored by the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), PolicyLink, and The Center for the Study of Social Policy, with contributions by Child Trends. A draft of the paper was released at the “Changing the Odds” conference sponsored by Harlem Children’s Zone and PolicyLink in November, 2009.  This final  version incorporates comments received in response to that draft and reflects the discussion of this paper’s ideas at a meeting convened by The Brookings Institution later in November.   The document recommends that the central focus of Promise Neighborhoods be on achieving a core set of results for poor children and families. These overarching results should drive the planning, design, start‐up activities, program implementation, and evaluation of the individual sites and the overall initiative. The paper describes the partnership between the three organizations and the research we commissioned Child Trends to conduct on the results for children and families that most contribute to the overall goals of Promise Neighborhoods as well as the availability and usefulness of data to track progress against those results.

Promise Neighborhoods Institute
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