Postsecondary Success in Promise Neighborhoods

This report shares strategies for sustaining postsecondary results over time for college and career success of young people living in PNs. It highlights the successful place-based efforts of Harlem Children's Zone, the Education Fund of Miami-Dade County, and the Center for Educational Partnerships...

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Integrating Family Financial Security into Cradle-to-Career Pipelines: Learning Lessons from Promise Neighborhoods

This report provides information Policy Link's collaboration with Citi Foundation and PNs to illuminate strategies for embedding financial security into pipeline of supports. It shows interventions aimed at financial education tied to skill-building opportunities.

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Promoting Postsecondary Educational Success in the Promise Neighborhood

In this presentation, Berea College provides tips for encouraging positive post-secondary education transition and success. They share how to build a college-going culture and provide transition supports.

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