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Supporting Age-Appropriate Functioning in Promise Neighborhoods (GPRA 2)

This webinar shares best practices and effective strategies used by Promise Neighborhoods to promote age-appropriate functioning of young children. The purpose is to provide skills, knowledge, resources to community leaders and PNs that focus on GPRA 2.

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Youth, Family, and Community Engagement in Promise Neighborhoods

This webinar shares best practices to promote age-appropriate functioning of young children. Aims to equip PNs and community leaders with the knowledge, tools, and resources to serve GPRA 2

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Building the Capacity of Educators and Service Providers to Support Black Male Achievement

This webinar highlights professional development programs in PNs to promote the academic achievement of low income children of color, focusing on black boys and men. It spotlights the Northside Achievement Zone's work and partnerships.

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Virtual Meeting: The Foundations of School Readiness

this webinar is a community of practice discussion for PNs on school readiness. Hosted by PNI and ZERO TO THREE.

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Building Infrastructure to Support Cross Sector Integration in Early Childhood Work

This webinar is a spotlight on Hayward PN in building cohesive systems to coordinate services to ensure children enter kindergarten with readiness for school. It is hosted in collaboration between PNI and ZERO TO THREE.

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Promoting Academic Proficiency in Promise Neighborhoods

This webinar provides best practices to improve academic proficiency rates in PN communities (GPRA 4). It asserts that academic achievement is vital to youth educational attainment and economic well-being.

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Addressing the Impact of Trauma on Academic Proficiency and Chronic Absenteeism

This webinar describes the impact of traumatic events on students' learning and trauma-informed strategies to improve academic and attendance outcomes for students living in PNs. Addresses issue of chronic absenteeism and lower academic proficiency of students in underserved communities

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Sustaining Parent Engagement throughout the Cradle-to-Career Continuum (GPRAs 12-14)

This webinar describes the importance of parent engagement in achieving and sustaining PN results. It provides strategies to ensure parents read to their children, prep them for college and career success, and have the skills to contribute to the college to career continuum.

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Understanding Federal Tools to Build Youth and Family Financial Capability

This webinar shares best practices of using federal tools to implement the goals of Promise Neighborhoods. The tools are aimed at building youth and family financial capability.

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Building Out a Successful Case Management System

In this webinar, staff from two PNs and the Urban Institute assert that a robust case management system is essential to tracking progress and improving youth and family outcomes. The presenters share best practices for case management systems based in Results-Based Accountability framework that...

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