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Postsecondary Success in Promise Neighborhoods

This report shares strategies for sustaining postsecondary results over time for college and career success of young people living in PNs. It highlights the successful place-based efforts of Harlem Children's Zone, the Education Fund of Miami-Dade County, and the Center for Educational Partnerships...

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Early Learning in Promise Neighborhoods

This report provides a guide to demonstrate early learning results and identify challenges and lessons learned for three Promise Neighborhoods: Berea College, Hayward, and the Northside Achievement Zone. Focuses on the 10 results and 15 indicators, and how to target the cradle to career pipeline

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A Developmental Pathway for Achieving Promise Neighborhoods Results

This report describes "Neighborhoods Results" - a tool created by CSSP, Department of Education, and PNI. It is a tool for planning PN through establishing capacity with partners, stakeholders, and an understanding of results and indicators

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Integrating Family Financial Security into Cradle-to-Career Pipelines: Learning Lessons from Promise Neighborhoods

This report provides information Policy Link's collaboration with Citi Foundation and PNs to illuminate strategies for embedding financial security into pipeline of supports. It shows interventions aimed at financial education tied to skill-building opportunities.

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Successful Research Collaborations: Rules of Engagement for Community-Based Organizations

This report provides considerations for community-based organizations , particularly PNs, when working with external evaluators and researchers. It aims to share HCZ's experiences and perspective about this collaboration and recommendations based on this.

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Some Considerations Pertinent to a Promise Neighborhoods National Evaluation

This report discusses issues for understanding a comprehensive evaluation of performance and impact of PN grantees. It provides insight from the perspective of organizations working with evaluation and practice and who hope to improve outcomes for children and families.

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Results and Indicators for Children: An Analysis to Inform Discussions about Promise Neighborhoods

This report recommends 21 results and accompanying indicators for Promise Neighborhoods. The authors detail existing key data sources, results, and suggested indicators focused on improving health, development, and education of children.

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From Cradle to Career: The Multiple Challenges Facing Immigrant Families in Langley Park Promise Neighborhood

This report provides an example of a needs assessment of a promise neighbrohood (Langley Park Promise Neighborhood). Langley Park is an immigrant neighborhood outside of Washington, DC where families are resilient but there are substantial hardships, but also opportunities for change.

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Astoria Houses Neighborhood Survey for Zone 126 Promise Neighborhood, 2012

This report highlights the methodology used to develop a neighborhood survey for residents of Astoria Houses to support Zone 126's (a PN) needs assessment and planning process. Zone 126 used results from the survey to inform the initiatives family and child-centered programming.

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DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative: Needs Assessment and Segmentation Analysis

This report provides an example of a needs and segmentation analysis of a promise neighborhood. It is intended to provide an understanding of the needs of the community and to inform the continuum of strategies during PN implementation.

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