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Taking Promise Neighborhoods to the State Level: Lessons from California and Minnesota

This brief highlights Promise Neighborhoods grantees that are developing partnerships to extend their impact beyond their neighborhoods to the state level. We explore how partnerships in California and Minnesota have established shared goals, invested their time and resources to achieve their goals...

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Promoting Sustainability for Promise Neighborhood Grantees: Understanding Needs and Strategies

This brief summarizes findings and recommendations from a needs assessment undertaken to help Promise Neighborhood grantees and their technical assistance partners understand how the sites are approaching sustainability. We also review the financial landscape of Promise Neighborhood grantees.

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Introduction to Data Quality: A Guide for Promise Neighborhoods on Collecting Reliable Information to Drive Programming and Measure Results

This brief provides a basic overview of data quality management principles and practices that Promise Neighborhoods and other community-based initiatives can apply to their work. It also provides examples of data quality practices that Promise Neighborhoods have put in place. The target audiences...

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An Equity Toolkit for Promise Neighborhoods: Advancing Equitable Outcomes through the Performance Management Cycle

This brief describes how Promise Neighborhoods can apply an equity lens to address disparate outcomes as a path to achieving better results for all children and families. Promise Neighborhoods is a federal initiative that aims to improve the educational and developmental outcomes of children and...

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Building a Culture of Results: A Guide to Emerging Practices in Promise Neighborhoods

The U.S. Department of Education's Promise Neighborhoods program provides support to communities that are working to build cradle-to-career pipelines, also known as continuums of solutions, for their children and youth. While their specific strategies may vary, all Promise Neighborhoods are working...

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Communities of Practice to Achieve Results in Promise Neighborhoods

"This brief explores tenets of communities of practice and how it relates to Promise Neighborhood approach. "

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Focusing on Results in Promise Neighborhoods: Recommendations for the Federal Initiative

This brief asserts how a focus on results can enhance the federal initative. It shares a collaboration between PNI, HCZ, and CSSP to propose that the central focus of PN should be on achieving a set of results for poor children and families.

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Supporting Place-Based Initiatives: Data-Driven Promise in the District of Columbia

This brief shares how DCPNI's partner National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) has helped communities build capacity around data to advance work in place-based initiatives.

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Helping Children Succeed: Data and the DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative

This brief provides a profile of the data partner for DC's Promise Neighborhood NeighborhoodInfo DC. NeighborhoodInfo DC’s data and technical assistance influenced DCPNI on strategy and systems.

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Supporting Place-Based Initiatives: Revitalizing San Antonio's EastPoint

This brief provides a profile of the data partner for Austin's Promise Neighborhood, Eastside Promise.

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