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School Readiness and Promise Neighborhoods

This presentation explores school readiness research and the best practices and trends impacting school readiness. It also Introduces First 5 LA's ECE strategy.

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Youth, Family, and Community Engagement in Promise Neighborhoods

This webinar shares best practices to promote age-appropriate functioning of young children. Aims to equip PNs and community leaders with the knowledge, tools, and resources to serve GPRA 2

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Sustaining Parent Engagement throughout the Cradle-to-Career Continuum (GPRAs 12-14)

This webinar describes the importance of parent engagement in achieving and sustaining PN results. It provides strategies to ensure parents read to their children, prep them for college and career success, and have the skills to contribute to the college to career continuum.

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A Developmental Pathway for Achieving Promise Neighborhoods Results

This report describes "Neighborhoods Results" - a tool created by CSSP, Department of Education, and PNI. It is a tool for planning PN through establishing capacity with partners, stakeholders, and an understanding of results and indicators

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Academic Proficiency

In this presentation, Los Angeles PN (YPI) shares information on improving academic competencies. They share how they use data to drive goals, adapting to students' needs, and developing target solutions.

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Successful Research Collaborations: Rules of Engagement for Community-Based Organizations

This report provides considerations for community-based organizations , particularly PNs, when working with external evaluators and researchers. It aims to share HCZ's experiences and perspective about this collaboration and recommendations based on this.

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Using Data to Make a Difference for Boston-area Students At Risk of Homelessness

This blog is a grantee spotlight on how a Boston area Promise Initiative uses data to promote academic success and to fight homelessness.

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Bringing Promise to Washington, DC

This brief highlights Washington DC's Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DPNI) and their efforts starting in 2008, even before the grant began. This is written after their planning year and describes planned activities and next steps in implementation.

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Impact in Place: A progress report on the Department of Education's Place-Based Strategy

This report looks as the Department of Education's progress in adopting place-based strategies. It looks at six elements identified as critical to the implementation of a successful place-based program: 1) Engage the Community Through Asset Mapping and a Needs Assessment; 2) Focus on Clear Results...

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A Guide to Setting Up Congressional Site Visits

This fact sheet guides PNs through scheduling and meeting with Congress members to display the impact of the PN. It provides step-by-step instructions for before, during, and after the visit.

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