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School Readiness and Promise Neighborhoods

This presentation explores school readiness research and the best practices and trends impacting school readiness. It also Introduces First 5 LA's ECE strategy.

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Building the Capacity of Educators and Service Providers to Support Black Male Achievement

This webinar highlights professional development programs in PNs to promote the academic achievement of low income children of color, focusing on black boys and men. It spotlights the Northside Achievement Zone's work and partnerships.

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Promoting Academic Proficiency in Promise Neighborhoods

This webinar provides best practices to improve academic proficiency rates in PN communities (GPRA 4). It asserts that academic achievement is vital to youth educational attainment and economic well-being.

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Addressing the Impact of Trauma on Academic Proficiency and Chronic Absenteeism

This webinar describes the impact of traumatic events on students' learning and trauma-informed strategies to improve academic and attendance outcomes for students living in PNs. Addresses issue of chronic absenteeism and lower academic proficiency of students in underserved communities

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Focusing on Results in Promise Neighborhoods: Recommendations for the Federal Initiative

This brief asserts how a focus on results can enhance the federal initative. It shares a collaboration between PNI, HCZ, and CSSP to propose that the central focus of PN should be on achieving a set of results for poor children and families.

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A Developmental Pathway for Achieving Promise Neighborhoods Results

This report describes "Neighborhoods Results" - a tool created by CSSP, Department of Education, and PNI. It is a tool for planning PN through establishing capacity with partners, stakeholders, and an understanding of results and indicators

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Academic Proficiency

In this presentation, Los Angeles PN (YPI) shares information on improving academic competencies. They share how they use data to drive goals, adapting to students' needs, and developing target solutions.

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Promoting Postsecondary Educational Success in the Promise Neighborhood

In this presentation, Berea College provides tips for encouraging positive post-secondary education transition and success. They share how to build a college-going culture and provide transition supports.

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Helping Children Succeed: Data and the DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative

This brief provides a profile of the data partner for DC's Promise Neighborhood NeighborhoodInfo DC. NeighborhoodInfo DC’s data and technical assistance influenced DCPNI on strategy and systems.

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Using Data to Make a Difference for Boston-area Students At Risk of Homelessness

This blog is a grantee spotlight on how a Boston area Promise Initiative uses data to promote academic success and to fight homelessness.

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