At or Above Grade Level in English

Students are proficient in core academic subjects as measured by the share of third through eighth graders and high schoolers who are at or above grade level on state mathematics and English language arts assessments.

Description of Indicator: Percent of students at or above grade level according to State English language arts assessments in at least the grades required by the ESEA (3rd through 8th and once in high school). 

Academic Proficiency
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fy18 english proficiency
Cohort Summary

One grantee reported data for this result in year 2, reporting an increase from year 1. Strategies used by grantees to address this measure involved pivoting to virtual programming to continue supporting students remotely during 2020.

One Promise Neighborhood was able to continue and even expand their programming by pivoting to engage youth through virtual one-on-one mentoring, virtual workshops and tours, and online tutoring